Ibeji (twins) - the musical

Twins had unique roles in many West African cultures in the Iron Age, a period spanning from the first millennium to the 19th century. To some families, having twins is a blessing, while to others it can be a very stressful burden. The birth and perception of “twins” was subjected to several views in the African cosmology. While the Igbo speaking people of the eastern Nigeria feared and demonized the birth of twins, the Yoruba’s in the western part of Nigeria adored twins. Worthy of note, is the Yoruba perception of twins which currently hold sway in most African cultures.
Written by experienced playwrights, the well-researched Ibeji the Musical, told from real life experiences, will explore series of captivating and intriguing events that occurred within this period. We pride ourselves in reawakening and bringing real African stories to the consciousness of African children born in the diaspora who have no connection with their roots. This we do, to help bridge the cultural, language and theatrical gap, that currently exist between Africans living in Africa, and the diasporans. Also , for adults who have lost their source of inspiration, their way of life , their music, their tales and poems, our aim is to help them reconnect to their roots and ignite their passion for Africa. To the Whites who might never visit Africa and might never understand the beauty of Africa, and her positive global impacts over the years, our goal is to reconstruct their erroneous ideas about Africa, and channel their minds towards Africans as people with enviable personality, social, and economic traits.
IBEJI THE MUSICAL will showcase African culture of respect, love, religious beliefs, and more through dance, drama and music. The beauty of African language, costumes, african music for ensemble, solos and duets will be showcased. Our goal is to have several African music events throughout the year, traveling across the US and abroad performing and telling African stories and culture through music, art, dance and drama. We plan to show the musical at least 3 times per week.
IBEJI THE MUSICAL will target audience with a diverse mix of racial and age demographics, whom are lovers of culture, and eclectic music.

A journey to africa

A Journey To Africa’ Music Concert will feature a wonderful talented musicians who will present a set list of beautiful African music, drama and dance. Because there are so many countries in Africa and so many cultures and languages within a country, it  will be impossible to perform every African music in a two hour concert. 

Our main focus for August 24, 2019 concert will be on Nigerian music. We will be exploring the evolution of Nigeria music and culture from the pre-colonial era till date. Some of the major music, languages and cultures of Nigeria, which we will be preforming are Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Urhobo,Ibibio,Edo,Ijaw, and English. 

Our niche target audience of attendees will include lovers of culture and eclectic music, youth, students, seniors, young and old, male and female, a very diverse mix of racial and age demographics

The two virtuoso pianists

Watch Timothy Adesina and Timothy Ogunbiyi in concert.

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