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Discover the heart and soul of Africa with African Broadway, a non-profit organization established in 2019 by the visionary Lydia Fawole, a dedicated entrepreneur and enthusiast of African culture. Our mission is to shine a spotlight on the diverse talents of African artists and bring their music, dance, theater, and fashion to a worldwide audience.

A Journey To Africa (Full Concert)


A Journey to Africa


"Exhilarating and inspiring. The show transported me to the heart of Africa.

Jared Richards

"An unforgettable show! It encapsulated the rich diversity of African culture.

Mercy Apara

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Ibeji (Twins) the musical

"Ibeji The Musical" presents a compelling narrative centered around the cultural practice of killing twins during pre-colonial Nigeria and the significant efforts to eradicate this tradition.

Soro Soke

"Soro Soke" is a compelling production that draws inspiration from the EndSARS movement, bringing to light the pressing issue of police brutality in Nigeria.


Journey to Africa

"A Journey to Africa" portrays the evolution of Nigerian music, providing a scholarly and profound representation of the rich tapestry of musical revolution in Nigeria.

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