About African Broadway  

         African Broadway Inc is a registered US Non- profit organization and has a IRC 501(c)(3) status. We promotes the African heritage through events like musical theatre productions and concerts, with the aim of contributing immensely to the cultural knowledge and entertainment in the United States and the rest of the world. 

       At African Broadway, we stage African theater productions to showcase the African culture, as well as share our cultural history, music and heritage with Africans in the diaspora, and also give African Americans a sense of pride and cultural belonging.We bring awareness of African’s social and political problem to the fore through our musical theatre productions thereby promoting justice and equality. We believe that telling these stories will help fight racism, and ultimately foster social change. 

 We explore Africa’s music, history, culture, language and heroic stories from countries to cultures, covering the period between pre-colonial era to the 21st century, is our priority. 

Last year we staged our Debut performance titled “Journey To Africa” which was a 2hrs show that represented the evolution of Nigerian music from the pre-colonial era till date. Through various solo and choral performances of well-known Nigerian songs, we made an effort to educate the audience about the various elements that are present in African Music and how these elements have been influenced by different factors such as culture, colonization, westernization etc. 



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